Weekly Standard Advertising Opportunities

Start a conversation with our audience. The Weekly Standard understands, values, and invests in marketing solutions for our clients. Choose from an array of high impact opportunities to make your advertising more cost- and reach-effective.


Deliver your message to one of the most desirable audiences in the world; educated and influential professionals on Capitol Hill (9,000+) or the Hill and greater metropolitan DC (23,000+). Print buy, cover wrap and insert are available. 


Stretch your marketing budget with client-directed editorial cover wraps, inserts, special sections, advertorials and/or reprints. Reach your most sought-after audience of decision-makers with an important, dimensional campaign that gets noticed. Differentiate your product or service and increase brand recall, customer base, and profits. Our custom content opportunities pack powerful results with endless possibilities. Contact us directly so we can create a package that meets your needs.
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ONLINE delivers thoughtful analysis with updates and original content throughout the day. The site averages 3 million active and engaged unique visitors per month. New rising stars and interactive ad units available.


Tap into the mindshare of politically active, influential thought leaders through The Weekly Standard’s 5 categorical newsletters. With over 135,000 unique subscribers and 540,000+ email sends per month, your message will be seen by The Weekly Standard’s politically active, well-educated readers from across the nation who influence policy inside the beltway.
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Your landing page is a key component in the success of your campaign. An interactive microsite hosted on will tell your story and/or communicate a corporate message or advocacy position.


Native content and special placement on make your message stand out and pack a powerful impact. Contact Us directly to learn more about featured sponsorship opportunities. 


Anchor or enhance a campaign with one or more live or virtual events developed exclusively to support your marketing objectives. The Weekly Standard’s impact comes to life for readers and campaigns through influential events.
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